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Music Video Loop

One of Ministry's Most Sought after resources

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interlinc's Music Video Loop (MVL) has long been one of the most sought-after resources in student ministry.
The quarterly Music Video Loop and Video Resource Book feature:

  • 15+ music videos from your favorite Christian artists (and some you need to hear)
  • 15+ Bible studies that correspond to the videos
  • Theme videos for you to use Artist Drop-in videos you can use in your ministry
  • Preview videos featuring music and media events you need to know about

Youth Leaders Only members get 4 Download Music Video Loops each year as a bonus with their membership ... that's nearly 100 music videos and Bible studies!

Music Videos

Music videos make a powerful connection with students … songs may catch their ear, but a video can stop them in their tracks. That’s why our YLO members love the Music Video Loops they receive each quarter. Each MVL includes 15 or more music videos from popular Christian artists — story videos, concert videos, lyrics videos and more. The MVL is available as a download, YouTube playlist or YouTube individual videos.  You can use the Play All feature to loop the videos for walk-in and walk-out times, or select a single video to show as a lesson illustration. The downloads are available as MP4 files for you to use.

Artist Drop-in videos

One of the best kept secrets on the Music Video Loop is the Artist Drop-Ins. These short clips are our version of “youth group PSAs”. Your students will love seeing their favorite artists reminding them to shut off their cell phones, or sign up for camp, or sing happy birthday to all this month’s celebrants. And with our MP4 files, you can literally “drop-in” the drop-ins into your favorite presentation programs.

Theme Videos

We know that you can’t teach with music alone. That’s why we include theme videos on every Music Video Loop. These teaching clips often feature some of the premier thought-leaders in student ministry, and give you clips you can use to build a lesson or even a series of lessons for your group. And you’ll find insights and additional resources for many of these clips in the Music Video Loop Resource Book.

Special Sections

Often when we create a special resource for a movie or event, we include that material (along with any related video resources) in the Music Video Loop. These “Special Sections” give you everything you need to use the upcoming event in your ministry.

Preview Videos

Upcoming movie trailers. Events you need to know about. Training opportunities for you and your team. All of these are the type of clips you’ll find in our “Preview” section.

Streaming and Download Digital Files

We've come a long way from the VHS tapes of the first Music Video Loops! The MVLs we send now includes MP4 files for every music video and teaching clip. That means you can easily include the files into your favorite presentation software. Whether you want to project the video on the screen, customize your own video loop with the videos your students love, or share a teaching clip on your laptop with a small group over coffee, we give you the ability to do all that and more.

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